Strellson. Fashion for men. Today. Everywhere. Designed in Switzerland.

Innovative, international, self-confident: Strellson makes fashion for men who go their own way. Creatives and leaders, thinkers and doers, team players and individuals. Men who live in their own time and have control over it. Men across all the metropolises of the world. They are different but they have one thing in common: they will never chase after anything. They take the lead.

This philosophy has made Strellson one of the most successful brand developments of the last few years. Strellson fashion emphasises the personality of the wearer and his credibility, success and unmistakeable style.

Whether in the professional world or leisure time, whether in business wear or sportswear and whether in Switzerland, Hong Kong or Toronto – the world is influenced by men and their attitude. Against barriers, borders and prejudices about what is and is not acceptable. Supporting ideas, cooperation and global thinking.

Boutique 86-87 Londoner Bogen 10-90 66482 Zweibrücken Tel: +49 (0)6332 4729384